Future Focus: The Five Key Considerations For CIOs in 2023

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Future Focus: The Five Key Considerations for CIOs in 2023

Considerations for CIOs in 2023: Navigating Sustainability, Resilience, and Human Needs

In today's rapidly changing manufacturing landscape, CIOs face the challenge of navigating cost pressures while balancing human needs, the supply chain, and new production strategies and technologies.

With projects coming to a standstill, pressure is mounting on CIOs, to ensure continued innovation and digital transformation in the digital-focused Industry 5.0 era.

In 2023, they’ll need to consider the following five trends to ensure that they can continue to support their organization's goals:

  • The evolving role of the CIO
  • Sustainability takes center stage in manufacturing
  • The continued role of humans in the production process
  • Building resilience into supply chain management
  • The growing trend of reshoring in the post-pandemic world