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Real Time Automation

Information Modeling is the Future of the Factory Floor

Adaptive, responsive and connected manufacturing only happens when there are consistent, standard mechanisms for accessing OT devices and describing data and its metadata characteristics. Information models are what make that possible.

For a long-time industrial automation folks have focused on the wire protocol, the merits, features and functions of which were debated endlessly. As relevant as that was, we need to move forward. With today’s new requirements for more and more data especially for Industry 4.0 applications, the data model (a.k.a. “information model”) is of critical importance. It is unquestioningly where the value in industrial automation is created and thus, a key component of a manufacturing system that deserves significant attention.

This paper includes information on what is data modeling, what some of the emerging technologies that support it , and align with Industry 4.0 are and what importance it has on the future of the factory floor.